Have Trouble Sleeping Through The Night – Raw Honey Before Bed


Have Trouble Sleeping All The Way Through The Night?

Try Bit Of This “Ideal Liver Fuel” Before Bedtime

If you have problems with sleeping after this you will probably get off your sleeping pills and will finally get some good rest.

Try eating raw honey before bed, but not the one from the store. Get organic, raw honey directly from the farmer. The ones in the grocery store have GMO and are not safe. And you are probably saying now “but honey is too sweet, that’s too much sugar”, but raw honey is different from other sweet stuff. Honey is a natural food that even the doctors recommend it. Yeah, maybe it is one of the sweetest foods, but it does so many good things for your body and one of them is helping you getting a healthy night’s sleep.

One of the doctors that recommend honey is Dr. Ron Fessender, MD, who authored the book “The Honey Revolution: Restoring the Health of Future Generations”. According to him raw honey contains “an ideal ratio of fructose to glucose,” to support the liver. This organ works overtime and when we eat honey the liver gets enough liver glycogen throughout the day. Especially when we take the honey before sleep it ensures that the liver will have enough fuel during the night. Fessenden says that honey helps the body to get enough sleep in two main ways.


Firstly, he notes that an adult liver has 75 to 100 grams storage space for glycogen and the honey gives enough supply of liver glycogen while we are sleeping and stores are low. The body consumes 10 grams of glycogen per hour during the day and if you ate dinner at 6 p.m. the body won’t have enough glycogen during bed time. A teaspoon or two before bed is just enough to restock your liver. If the liver doesn’t get enough glycogen the brain can activate a stress response.

The second thing is that with consuming honey you are getting a healthy metabolism, the liver breaks down the toxins that are stored in fat cells.

Honey is antibacterial, antifungal natural sweetener that is excellent for reducing throat irritation.

And let us remind you that when you are getting honey, don’t go to the grocery store. Find a farmer that sells organic raw honey. It is better that the one in stores and it will do more for you.





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