Foods That Prevent Cancer – List Of Cancer-Fighting Foods

Foods That Prevent Cancer

Foods That Prevent Cancer – List Of Cancer-Fighting Foods The term cancer is a frightening term for all of us. The cancer is a leading cause for deaths worldwide. But how do we prevent it from happening? Apart from living a healthy lifestyle, not smoking and drinking here are some foods that are known as cancer-fighting foods and that restore the nutrients our bodies need. First on the list are berries. Berries get their vibrant colors from the antioxidants in their skin. One group of flavonoid antioxidants called anthocyanidins can…

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Olive Oil and Lemon – Cure for Liver Cancer


Fresh lemons and olive oil appear to be the key ingredients in the cure for Liver Cancer, according to many believers in holistic. The best tool for regulating the liver’s health is daily cleaning, because healthy liver guaranties vitality, energy, good appearance and good mood. You can say that the liver is the factory for blood in your body. It helps with the process of recovery of the blood. It also helps in stimulating and strengthening digestion. The liver has one more important function – it eliminates all toxins from the…

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Toxic Foods For Dogs – Is Garlic Poisonous For Our Dogs?

Toxic Foods For Dogs

Toxic Foods For Dogs – Is Garlic Poisonous For Our Dogs? The garlic is a herb whose medical properties have been used for: strengthening the immune system, antiviral and antibacterial activities. It is used for speeding up the work of the digestive system. The active compounds in garlic can help with the reduce of  blood pressure, it improves cholesterol levels and it lowers the risk of a heart disease. Garlic is a powerful repellent against fleas and ticks. For decades, garlic has been on the list of foods that are…

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Do Not Throw Pineapple Peels – This Tea Kills Cancer Cells


Pineapple Peels are great for your health, because it is full of antioxidants, and they slow down the aging, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer, protect the heart and blood vessels, etc. The collection of free radicals in the body accelerates the aging and undermines our health and antioxidants are fighting against that. Instead of throwing Pineapple Peels, you can make a tea from them! Simple. Place the peel in a pot, add water and cook 20 minutes on low heat. If there are a lot of peels the tea will be…

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Baking Soda Can Save Your Life – But Only If We Use It Like This!

Baking soda with honey If Backing soda is taken orally, it should be therapeutic. Which means it supposed to be taken for a period of a two or three weeks and no more. You should be ready for the side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and rash. But don’t worry, all these symptoms point to detoxification-because the poison must go somewhere. One way of using the baking soda is to mix with honey and without being swallowed so the body will absorb it. The combination of Baking soda and lemon juice…

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