Inspiration For Tomorrow – Win Yourself

Inspiration is not only for artists or those with creative skills to motivate them and complete something. We all need inspiration to free our soul from the bondage of worries and give us directions in life. You can win thousands of people in a thousands battles, but the biggest victory is to win yourself – Buddha Shakymauni Let us enjoy in our spirit, develop the virtues, always be yourself! Let us serve with the wisdom of the great Dipnakar Shrijanana, a Buddhist teacher from the Pala Empire who participated in the…

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5 Symptoms of Appendicitis That Are Not Abdominal Pain

Here are 5 Symptoms of Appendicitis That Are Not Abdominal Pain! If it is not diagnosed at the time, appendicitis can cause sepsis. Unlike diarrhea, some stomach viruses or food poisoning, appendicitis is less common. According to some researches only 5% of the people will have this problem. These are some of the symptoms and warnings when you have Appendicitis: Strong stomach pains It usually first appears around the navel or above it. Usually you will feel precedes pains, nausea, sometimes vomiting. Later, the pain felt throughout the whole abdomen, but is…

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Remove Unwanted Hair Forever Naturally


How to Remove Unwanted Hair Forever Naturally! Growth of the unwanted hair usually occurs due to pregnancy, hormone imbalance, irregular period … We know that you are one of the many people in the world who struggle with unwanted facial hair. Its very hard to remove them even if you do that with some medical treatment it does not help you. It appear everywhere on your body and that is a problem for you. This is a aesthetic problem for everyone and it has negative impact on your self-esteem. However…

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Coke Drinking This Is What Will Happen To You


Coke Drinking – This Is What Will Happen To You. Have you ever wondered what is happening to your body after drinking a coke ? All soda drinks and Coke contain a lot of sugar and a lot of added chemicals. So, if you are consuming them regularly its bad for your health! In this post we are going to tell you the exact effect that Coke does to your body in a short period of time.   This Infographic was designed by The Renegade Pharmacist and it shows what exactly…

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Hair Removal – Tips to Shave Safely With Psoriasis


Hair removal when you have psoriasis plaques can be a challenge. To make the experience less grueling we are giving you these tips: 1. Go Slowly – It is very important to go slow and be extremely careful when you shave. 2. Choosing the right razor – This can be hard task, but search or it and you will feel the difference. If you use electric razors and razors with three or less blades it best for you. This is one sure way to protect your skin. Shaving products made…

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