Surprising Nutrition Facts That Should Be Common Sense

20 Surprising Nutrition Facts That Should Be Common Sense ( But Aren’t)

Very often we make mistakes in our decisions when it comes to healthy food.  Here are some Nutrition Facts you need to read if you want to be healthy:

  1. Did you know that artificial trans fats are very dangerous? Meat and dairy are natural sources if trans fats, but a big amount of trans fatty acid come from artificial sources as ultra-processed cooking oil. So next time you are making a salad or cooking watch out what kind of oil you are using
  2. You have probably heard that you should eat more frequent meals in small portions. It turns out that all that it depends individually and it is very important to have a healthy diet with the right nutrients.
  3. Advertisements can wash your brain like no one can. They have been twisting statistics and facts for years to make the products more popular. So don’t trust everything you see on the TV.
  4. Food doesn’t “rot” in the body. Average time for digesting food is 24 hours. Some foods, like meat, take longer time to digest, and some shorter time. But the food we consume for sure does not rot in our stomach.
  5. There is a controversy whether eggs are healthy or not. Actually egg yolks are rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. It is not that eggs are not healthy; you just need to control the intake of eggs weekly. 4-5 eggs weekly are enough for you to consume.
  6. If you are on a diet you should avoid drinking sodas. A can of soda contains more than hundred calories. So in the same time you are adding calories and you are still being hungry. Think twice next time you want to drink a can of soda.
  7. If a product is low in fat does not means that it is good for you. A lot of artificial and processed ingredients are added to those products in order to manipulate the fat quota of the same product.

Nutrition Facts

  1. Fruit juices are considered as healthy, but those in the markers are full with sugar and are not as healthy as the ones that are home made. Drink fresh juices that you will make them on your own and you will know that you didn’t add any sugar.
  2. The human body is an entire “ecosystem”. We have bacteria in our stomach that we need to feed in order to have a good digestive system. It all works like a circle.
  3. There is good and bad cholesterol. LDL or the bad cholesterol actually it isn’t cholesterol. It is low-density lipoprotein, the protein that caries around cholesterol. This protein is not good for you because it can damage blood vessels.
  4. If you are taking weight loss pills look into the description and see if you can find the word “Senna”. This laxative actually makes you go to the toilet more often even if you did not digest the food.
  5. BMI(body mass index) has been used for a long time as a indicator if you are healthy or not. With comparing you height with your body weight isn’t the only indicator for health. A lot of other factors as age, sex, diet have bigger roles in increasing the risk for disease.
  6. Do you count the intake of calories in order to lose weight? Here is a thing. If you increase your protein consumption it will reduce your appetite and fat oxidation. Don’t waste your time counting calories.
  7. If you are a diabetic, sugar isn’t the only thing you need to avoid. Be careful of how much carbohydrates you take, because they also are full with glucose. A low-carbohydrate diet is a better diet for diabetics.
  8. A study in 2007 revealed that low-fat diet and low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet are not very different. Avoiding fat doesn’t mean that you will directly lost weight.
  9. Consuming junk food causes addiction just like with drugs. The body releases the happy hormone and you just and empty calories to your body, nothing else.
  10. Make a difference between “healthy” and “natural” labels. Companies these days are very manipulative with marketing.
  11. Don’t use ultra-processed cooking oils. Ultra processed oils are high with omega-6 fatty acids, which are main causes for different chronic diseases.
  12. Organic food is way healthier than non-organic food, but if they are processed to junk food they are still junk food and not good for you.
  13. Bad habits, fast food, unhealthy lifestyle are main problems these days. Obesity is and hearth diseases are very common since fast food became popular.


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