She Poured Mouthwash in Washing Machine – Amazing Results

mouthwash in washing machine

When I Saw Why, I Tried This Myself Right Away

Are tired of messed up clothes from your washing machine? No one likes doing laundry, but with this tips the next time you will do your laundry you will have no problems and you will enjoy doing it.

Who likes washing their jeans? You probably avoid washing them because you don’t want them to lose color if you wash them very often. Mix one cup of water with one cup of salt and put them into a bowl together with your jeans. The salt will help the color set into the fabric and you jeans will not be faded. They will have the new fresh color for mounts.

mouthwash in washing machine

Sometimes jeans can get bad smell and no one wants to wash jeans very often. Another hack that we recommend is putting your jeans into a freezer bag and put them into the freezer. According to Levi’s if you freeze your jeans you kill all the bacteria and it eliminates the odor.

If you don’t want your clothes losing their vibrant color don’t wash them with hot water. Cold water prevents shrinking your clothes and losing their color. Plus you will save on electricity.

Put a cup of white vinegar when you are washing your white clothes to keep them vibrant. And when you are washing dark clothes just put some salt to the rinse cycle.

            Clean you washing machine from time to time. Pour ½ a cup of Mouthwash in Washing Machine. It will clean it and it will be like a new one.

We hope we helped you a lot with these tips and we hope you won’t have any problems any more while doing your laundry.



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