Oregano Essential Oil Is One Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics


Why Oregano Essential Oil Is One Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known To Science

Antioxidants are very important for our body because they help with radical damage. There are a lot of fruit and vegetables that have antioxidants. But there is one herb that contains more antioxidants than all of them. We are talking about oregano.
Oregano is a powerful herb and a natural antibiotic. It has healing effect and also it has 8 times more antioxidants than apples and 3 times as much as blueberries.
The oregano oil was used by the great Greek physician Hippocrates and it was his main antibacterial tool. Ancient Greeks first started distributing oregano oil and they called it joy of the mountains.

Oregano oil contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, boron, iron, manganese and vitamins A, C, Niacin. It is used as antibacterial and antiseptic agent and also as a pain remedy.
When you use oregano oil it is very important that it is derived from the origanum vulgare kind or Thymus capitatus kind. And it got to have more than 70% concentration of carvacrol.
This oil does not have any side effects to the pharmaceutical antibiotics and is not harmful. A lot of Mediterranean dishes have oregano oil and the statistics say that Mediterranean people live longer. So it is a proof of the healing effect of this essential oil.
Oregano oil contains active healing agents which came from four groups of chemicals:
• Phenols, carvacrol and thymol. They have antiseptic and antioxidant characteristics.
• Terpenes, pinene and terpinene, which have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral characteristics.
• Linalool and bunereol with abtiviral and antiseptic properties.
• Esters, inalyl acetate and geranyl acetate with antifungal properties.


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