Hot Water With Lemon And Turmeric – Morning Elixir

Hot water with lemon and turmeric is very helpful for your body and in this post we will explain why you should put this into your daily routine. It is very important how you start the day. According to some Indian philosophy the choice of your daily routine makes your body resistant to disease. Everyone should start their day focusing on the morning rituals that will encourage the alignment of the body’s natural rhythm. When you get up in the morning probably first thing you want to do is check…

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Clean Your Refrigerator To Clean Your Body


If you want to take better care of your body and start to eat healthier, the kitchen and your Refrigerator is the place where you should start. Eating healthy and fresh meals is crucial, but one thing that you should not underestimate is the effect of a well-organized fridge. Sooner you clear your fridge of calories and unhealthy products, the sooner you will clean your metabolism. We present you few tricks that will help you to organize your refrigerator in the way you need it.   Make the first steps of…

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Women Should Not Sit With Their Legs Crossed – Here is Why


Women Should Not Sit With Their Legs Crossed – Here is Why If you stay in one position for a long time, you can damage your nerves in the lower extremities. At most people crossing legs is spontaneous. However the position of the legs may have an adverse effect on your health. In this position your can damage your nerves in the lower extremities and increase blood pressure even if you have no problem with blood pressure. With this position of your legs the greater amount of blood is pumped into…

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Remove Unwanted Hair Forever Naturally


How to Remove Unwanted Hair Forever Naturally! Growth of the unwanted hair usually occurs due to pregnancy, hormone imbalance, irregular period … We know that you are one of the many people in the world who struggle with unwanted facial hair. Its very hard to remove them even if you do that with some medical treatment it does not help you. It appear everywhere on your body and that is a problem for you. This is a aesthetic problem for everyone and it has negative impact on your self-esteem. However…

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Coke Drinking This Is What Will Happen To You


Coke Drinking – This Is What Will Happen To You. Have you ever wondered what is happening to your body after drinking a coke ? All soda drinks and Coke contain a lot of sugar and a lot of added chemicals. So, if you are consuming them regularly its bad for your health! In this post we are going to tell you the exact effect that Coke does to your body in a short period of time.   This Infographic was designed by The Renegade Pharmacist and it shows what exactly…

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Check Your Health in 1 Minute


How to check your health in 1 minute? Check this simple trick, put a spoon on your tongue and in 60 seconds you will know if you are sick or not. We all know how important it is to check the state of your health, but few of us go to the doctor. There is one simple way to check your health and you can do it at your home.   Take a spoon and put it on the entire surface of your tongue. After that put the spoon in a…

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