30 Days Without Sugar – This is What Will Happen


Mother of two had the worst decision in her life but it was worth it! I have decided that one month i will not eat sugar, not in order to lose weight but to try to save from the arrogance of which i am suffering more than 6 months. In the first few weeks i was feeling miserable, but very quickly i discovered that it is not so bad when the food is sweeten with fresh or dried fruit. And the best part was that the bloating disappeared. But that…

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Heart Attack – 4 Major Red Flags To Know


One interesting study shows that 1 in every 4 deaths are from heart attack or heart disease! This fact is something that everybody should know. We need to pay more attention to our bodies because they warn us of an upcoming heart attack days before it happens.   1 – Pain: But not just in the chest, in other places! Everyone thinks that first symptoms or any symptoms of a heart attack come from chest pain, but there is more, because this pain can lead to something different than your…

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Spread Salt Around Your Doors – Cool Trick


You are using it in your kitchen. You are using it as food seasoning. But this cool trick will blow your mind! Here is why you should spread salt around your home doors. Ants – They hate it! You can usually find ants on doors, windows maybe in your storage cabinets… So if you are asking yourself how to remove them on natural base salt is the solution for your problem. Here is what you should do: In the parts where the ants are entering, sprinkle some amount of salt. You…

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Foods That Help or Hurt Anxiety

Whole Wheat Bread

If you make some modifications to your daily diet it can help you alleviate the symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety. Here is our list of foods to add to your diet that will increase your mood:   Turkey and Tryptophan-Rich Foods Tryptophan has amino acids that have positive effect on your stress. Its a Serotonin that will help you to feel calm. This Tryptophan serotonin can be find in: turkey, nuts, oats, sesame seeds, bananas, milk, cheese…   Beef and Foods Rich in Vitamin B Some studies have shown that…

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