Reasons To Add Olive Oil To Your Dog’s Food


We all know that olive oil is very good for the human health. In the past 50 years, there have been thousands of studies examining the benefits of olive oil. But is olive oil also good for dogs?


It is often said that a good part of the food that people eat should not be given to dogs olive oil is an exception in this rule.

The olive oil is very healthy and we’ve been using it as a medicine.

First of all, it is very tasty.  Just add a spoonful of olive oil in your dog’s meal and it will notice a big difference. Veterinarians point out that cold-pressed olive oil is healthy for dogs and they recommend to the dog owners that they should add it to their dog’s food. The amount of it shouldn’t be more than one tablespoon a day, which should be added at the end of the process of the cooking.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, up to 75 % of olein, to 12 % linolein, vitamins A and E, palmitin, stearin, myristicin, squalene and xanthophyll. These nutrients contribute to the physiological balance and strengthen the immune system.

Olive oil has anti-cancer compounds and it also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Some dog owners who have included olive oil in their dog’s meals, see how incredibly affects the skin and the hair of their dogs. There are some experiences where the dogs began to lose hair, that in some parts of their body the hair completely fell off. After several weeks of eating meals with included olive oil a new hair began to grow on those spots. Olive oil is healthy for our dogs, but it also helps them look better. If you condition your dog’s hair with olive oil, it will no longer have dry fur and flaky skin.


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