5 Symptoms of Appendicitis That Are Not Abdominal Pain

Here are 5 Symptoms of Appendicitis That Are Not Abdominal Pain!

If it is not diagnosed at the time, appendicitis can cause sepsis. Unlike diarrhea, some stomach viruses or food poisoning, appendicitis is less common.

According to some researches only 5% of the people will have this problem.


These are some of the symptoms and warnings when you have Appendicitis:

Strong stomach pains

It usually first appears around the navel or above it. Usually you will feel precedes pains, nausea, sometimes vomiting.

Later, the pain felt throughout the whole abdomen, but is most often localized in the lower right part.

According to Dena Gingold – Hospital in Baltimore, indications of appendicitis can be felt when walking, coughing.

Vomiting and losing appetite

After the pain comes the appearance of nausea. Appendicitis sometimes affects other parts of the digestive tract and it can occur in the form of vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite.

If you have these symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor.


Going to the bathroom frequently than you use to do before. This is happening because the appendix of some people is set lower in the pelvis near the bladder.

In addition to diarrhea, the patient can feel constant need to urinate and pain during this operation.


If you have fever, it is possible that there was an internal infection. In this way the body reacts and sends the infected part of the mixture, which is manifested by localized pain or fever.

Also, your body temperature is elevating and the pulse will accelerate.

Not feeling good

If you are confused or disoriented, its a sign that the infection has reached the blood stream, which can have fatal consequences.

It is important to recognize these symptoms because if the inflammation is in lower intensity the operation is simple and the recovery is extremely fast.

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